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"You should never wear your best trousers when you fight for justice and truth."  - Henrik Ibsen




- Driving Under the Influence



- Pre-charging Protection


- Domestic Violence



- Drug Crimes



- Sex Crimes



- Theft & Embezzlement

- Violent Felonies



- Probation Violations



- Juvenile Offenses



- Expungement & Reductions


If you or your loved one has been arrested, investigated, or prosecuted for a crime, it is probably the most important issue in your life, and often the scariest. Nothing is more precious than liberty, and a criminal prosecution can deprive any of us of our precious freedom for years.


For eight years I was the Senior Trial Attorney at the Napa County Public Defender's Office. As a devoted defender, I have successfully defended jury trials in murders, sex crimes, drug crimes, domestic violence, theft and embezzlement, and many driving under the influence cases.

If you need a trial attorney to confidently and aggressively fight your case, make me your first call!

You need an experienced, passionate advocate you can trust, with the skills to protect the accused, to provide the best possible defense, and to negotiate or litigate the best potential outcome. I have nearly 35 years' experience defending every kind of criminal accusation in the Napa and Solano County courts.


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