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Your Domestic Violence Case

Whether you are a local Napa resident involved in an emotional and unpleasant moment in your relationship, or a visitor to the Valley having your vacation spoiled by an unexpected and disappointing turn of events, domestic violence arrests are very common in Napa.


The Napa Police actually believe that "California Law requires" them to arrest someone when domestic violence is reported, whether there is corroborative evidence or not. This is absolutely false.  It is an unfortunate, half-baked policy of local law enforcement that results in cases that would never be prosecuted in other jurisdictions.

Unfortunately, the Napa D.A.'s Office will often take these weak cases to trial. Even when there is no convincing physical evidence. Even when the alleged victim does not want prosecution.

If you are charged with domestic violence in Napa, you will need the help of a local criminal defense attorney with nearly 30 years of handling misdemeanor and felony D.V. cases in the Napa Valley exclusively. I can offer you expert guidance and advocacy in the Napa Courts to help you through the process.

From the morning after your arrest, the advocacy begins. We need to preserve and memorialize evidence before it fades. Because domestic violence reports can be rejected by the D.A., or charged as a misdemeanor, felony, or serious felony ("strike"), we need to try to positively influence the prosecution in their charging decisions.

Don't wait until the case comes to court!  Especially in D.V. cases, you need to be proactive as soon as possible.  

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