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Ask people who have had troubles in Napa or Solano. Ask court personnel or police officers you trust who they would hire for their loved ones. 


Sit down with me for a free consultation and judge for yourself.



I will not send letters to the home addresses of everyone who gets booked in jail, oblivious to the privacy of you and your family.


I am not a journeyman who travels to a dozen counties, nor will I leave you standing next to an associate you've never met.


You will never see my face on a billboard or a taxi cab, and I will never promise you unattainable results.







A reliable, trustworthy attorney who has exclusively practiced criminal defense in the Napa/Solano area for the past 30+ years. An experienced trial lawyer who has defended several hundred jury trials of all types, including murders, sex crimes, domestic violence, theft offenses, drug crimes, and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 


The right choice to evaluate, negotiate, and fight for the best possible outcome  when you or your loved one is under threat of jail or prison in Napa or Solano County. 


A local practitioner with decades of experience with the same prosecutors, judges, probation officers, and law enforcement, who knows the best way to approach every kind of investigation and prosecution in the jurisdiction where your case is pending.

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