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Will the Court also order my license suspended?

If you are convicted of a DUI offense, the Court will inform the DMV, who will suspend your license as a result of the conviction. 

Obviously it is very important to be sure that this "Court Suspension" runs concurrent - at the same time - as the administrative suspension. The period for which you were administratively suspended will be deducted from the length of the Court Suspension. So the timing of the two triggering events - Court and the DMV Hearing - is very important, and one that may be difficult for you without an experienced DUI attorney.

How Long Will My License Be Suspended for a Conviction?


First Offense DUI - Six months suspension

Second Offense DUI (within 10 years): Two years revocation.

Third Offense DUI (within 10 years): Three years revocation.

Fourth Offense DUI (within 10 years): Four years revocation.


The difference between a "suspension" and a "revocation" is that a suspension allows you to get your license restored once you do certain things. A "revocation" means your license is gone - you must reapply. 

There are other suspensions that may result from a conviction for DUI:

  • If you are under 21 when arrested for DUI, you will be suspended for one year.

  • If you refused the chemical test you will get an extra one year, two years, or three years of suspension, depending upon whether this was a first, second and third offense.

  • More serious felony DUI may result in a longer license suspension or even permanent license suspension.

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