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Client Reviews

M3 R. writes:


The Best Attorney in Napa for criminal law, hands down!

The best attorney in Napa for criminal law hands down....he's savvy, determined and EXTREMELY knowledgeable in not only the law,  but also the system....and just as important each and every player in this sometimes questionable process of our local judicial system. Unfortunately, I spent more time in the courtroom than I ever should of, but during that time I watched all of the attorneys both local and out of towners.  Jess by far was the most respected, confident and envied by his peers. He not only WANTS to win for you, but more importantly for his own pride....& that's hard to find these days! Now for the most important part....after 8 months of outstanding work by Jess, I went from 3 felonies and 3 misdemeanors to ALL CHARGES DISMISSED!! Enough said!!

C.P. writes:


Great with out of state cases, very experienced and professional


I honestly can't write a good enough review for my experience with Jess Raphael. I would recommend him with honors to any friend or family member in need. First of all I was in California from out of state when my I was pulled over for suspicion of dui in Napa county. I researched about 5 different firms in the area before I found Jess, and again I can't convey how much he made a difference in the outcome and expenses of my case. Second of all he is very honest in his approach, he was completely upfront with what I was facing, what the possible outcomes could be, and what timelines I should expect. Result-Not only did he resolve my case on the first hearing, he also secured the most favorable outcome for my case. If your in need of trustful, experienced and honest representation Jess is your man!

R.N.  writes:


"Now you can sleep again."


After being accused of domestic violence, Jess fought for me and cleared my name.
When I got stuck in the legal system for the very first time, I needed someone who knew the law like the back of their hand and would fight for me. Jess didn’t just take my case on, he really cared about me and the outcome.

Jess is a man of integrity and intellect. He was not looking to just get paid. He has a calling to defend the innocent from a broken legal system.

Through the entirety of my case, it seemed like Jess was playing chess while the DA was playing checkers. He always seemed to be one step ahead of the prosecution and predicted their every move. He lost sleep, missed time with his family, and changed his life to accommodate any needs of my case. He did not treat me like a number, but rather a friend that would do anything in his power to help.

In a time that felt like the world was falling down all around me, Jess stood by me and offered sound legal advice and genuine concern.

After months of losing sleep and being emotionally stressed about my case, Jess beat the DA in court. When he won, I was emotional and cried uncontrollably. He calmly put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Now You Can Sleep Again”.

Lawyers have a reputation of only caring about their interests. Not Jess. His moral fabric shines through. He helped me find justice in a legal system that often lacks it.

R.S. writes:


You can't go wrong with Raphael Law!


I highly recommend Jess Raphael. He is one of the best at what he does. He cares about people and knows the law. He made me feel ok with my situation, and he is in my opinion the best attorney ever. And no, i'm not a relative just a very pleased client .

E.S. writes:


I highly recommend Mr. Raphael


Jess Raphael was recommended to me after I was arrested in January on criminal charges. My case was very complicated, as mental health factors were involved. When I first met with Jess, he made sure that my first priority was to take care of myself and my mental and physical health. He assured me that he would do his best to represent me and the facts of the case so that a fair and just conclusion could be reached. Jess has gone above and beyond in supporting me during this difficult time, even accompanying me to a meeting with adult probation so that the facts of my case were well represented. Mr. Raphael has been very forthright with me throughout this entire process, never making any promises that he could not keep, and adjusting his schedule to fit my needs when necessary. Thanks to Mr. Raphael’s hard work and dedication to my case, I feel that justice has been served on my behalf. I feel very blessed to have had Mr. Raphael in my corner during what has been one of the most difficult times of my life, and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing representation.

R.D. writes:


Jess Raphael helped me get a second chance at life!


I'm a senior in college and I caught 4 cases (3 felonies) in 3 different counties. Basically you can say I messed up and was throwing my future away. Jess Raphael got me through it with no felonies on my record and a second chance at getting my life together now I'm finishing college and have a bright future ahead of me. If you want someone to fight for you Jess Raphael is your man.

M.H. writes:

Exquisite care, but tenacious.


It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend  Jess as your legal counsel.  On the receiving end of horrible harassment, I was accused of a criminal act (by the harasser, of course), and turned to Jess for help and am so very grateful for his passionate defense, his professional demeanor, and his capacity to stop my accuser in his tracks.  Though it may not be very nice of me, I took great delight in watching the face of this man turn grey and his hands begin to shake as Jess made it very clear that his behavior was outrageous, immoral, and continue to prove me innocent.  

Jess returned my initial inquiry within an hour and spent a long time on the phone with me before our initial meeting, which he scheduled for first thing the following morning.  After sharing with him the details of my situation, it became clear why Jess is "Counsel for the Accused".  He accepted my case for a very fair fee and got to work right away.  He kept in contact with me each step of the way and attended two very long meetings, advocating for me and protecting my name and my rights.  

Jess is definitely smarter than even your above average human being; further, he is tenacious, which is why I was able to find some respite in the middle of the storm.  I will be forever grateful to Jess for his exquisite care.

J.D. writes:

Jess saved me from three strikes.


Jess represented me in a case in which I was a 2 striker facing a 3rd. He's fast knowledgeable and very honest with what the situation is, he saved me in a tough situation and continued to assist after the case was done. Great guy and great Attorney, I highly recommend him. Thanks Jess!!

M.C. writes:

He's great - especially in the courtroom!


I recently had the need for representation with an issue involving the city of Napa.  I interviewed a couple attorneys before deciding to go with Jess. He seemed very knowledgable about the system locally in particular and I felt very comfortable with him.  Best decision I made!  He was great, and even better than I thought he would be in the courtroom in particular.  I would highly recommend Jess, no doubt about!

Anonymous Client writes:

Very Impressed.


I was falsely accused of a DV case. I interviewed several attorneys before choosing Jess Raphael. He reviewed the information provided to him and was able to have the charge dropped. 
Jess was available 24 / 7 during my ordeal. Even when on vacation, which i was not aware of at the time, he maintained communications with me. 
 I am very impressed with his work ethics and persistence.

Soheil says:
Jess is INCREDIBLE to watch in action!
I'd give Jess 10 stars if I could! Prior to attaining Jess I was feeling somewhat hopeless about my case. I scheduled my initial consult with Jess and remember leaving his office knowing I was in good hands. He really is a top level defense attorney. He did such an amazing job representing me and guiding me through the trial. Jess is INCREDIBLE to watch in action! The guy is so sharp! I remember being in trial thinking, Wow! I'm learning so much just sitting here watching Jess do what he does best. It's very apparent he really loves what he does. He made the prosecution look like they were a high school baseball team trying to play against a major league team. He ran circles around the prosecution. I truly owe a debt of gratitude to Jess and what he did for me. Through his excellent work I was totally acquitted. A++
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